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WeScareYou offers a variety of haunted attraction and Halloween related consultation services, everything from event and location planning to custom prop, scene, and special effect design and production.  We work with all types of events, ranging from simple local/charity haunts to multi-million dollar attractions.


Our experts have over a decade of experience in the haunted attractions industry, and can assist your new or existing event with everything from basic floor plans and layouts maximizing available space, to guiding your haunt through the complicated world of code compliance.


Modern day haunted attractions are vivid and elaborate productions, consisting of a mix of old school hands on scares and advanced technical light and sound shows.  Let our experienced experts help design or upgrade your existing venue to make it stand out and really deliver the next level of scares!


Why buy off the shelf?  Our team of artists and prop designers can work with you to take your vision from concept to reality, complete with custom molding and painting.  Design and create the perfect prop to fit your theming and size requirements, everything from basic static scene fillers to fully animatronic or controlled elaborate creatures.

Interested in hiring us for one of your haunted attractions? Let's Talk.​

"Hands down the scariest haunted house I've been through in YEARS!  The attention to detail was unbelievable, creating a nonstop unsettling atmosphere, and the actors knew exactly when and where to get us!"

John T. - Florence, KY

"WeScareYou worked with us to take our small non-profit haunt from OK to spectacular.  Their focus and professionalism was present from start to finish.  Attendance increased three fold in the first year after working with them to upgrade our scenes and haunted house.  Highly recommended."

Michelle V. - Mt. Victoria Asylum

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